About Us
Serene Center programs are designed to provide the necessary guidance and supportive environment for those in early recovery from alcoholism and addiction that are wishing to transition into a healthy ongoing lifestyle of recovery and sobriety. Serene Center's continuing care bridges the treatment and support gap between rehab, residential inpatient addiction treatment or intensive outpatient addiction treatment, and traditional sober living homes.

Serene Center facilities are warm, inviting and secure. The 24 hour staff is trained and respectful, and is accustomed to the special needs of early recovery alcoholics and early recovery addicts. The Members are a fellowship welcoming all newcomers with open arms. The unique design of Serene Center creates tremendous opportunity for the recovering alcoholic and addict who is committed to a healthy sober lifestyle.
Three Themes to Encourage Success:
A highly structured sober living environment where the recovering Member fellowship is strong and vibrant.
Ongoing certified therapy through group process & individual counseling facilitated by accredited Chemical Dependency Counselors.
Healthy life skill training, employment training, and professionally facilitated access to community resources.
Serene Center Is For You If:
You are at least eighteen years of age.
You have recently graduated from an addiction treatment or a medical detoxification facility.
Your treatment center or sponsor has recommended sober living.
You are serious about building a lifestyle that will provide you with long-term sobriety, joy, fulfillment, intimacy, healthy relationships and excitement.
You want to have confidence in your capabilities and choices.
You want to belong to a community of guided self-help without judgment.
You want to participate in fellowship that will support your healthy decisions, and do you want to support others seeking healthy lifestyle choices.
  If you have answered YES to at least four of these statements, then Serene Center is probably for you. To be sure, give us a call and we'll talk a while.
  Toll Free 866.973.7364 or "1-TO MY SERENITY"